Welcome to B.C. Phillips Crane Rental

B.C. Phillips Crane Rental was established in 1987 and is currently located in Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

We are committed to providing impeccable customer service and take pride in serving all your needs, big or small. While administering the most cost effective service possible we communicate with our customers to stay focused on task and schedule. Our operators and management make every effort to cater a professional hoisting service and conduct business with the utmost integrity. Our core values of service are to perform consistently, offer flexibility and unique services to our customers and operate safely in accordance with the Ontario Health & Safety Act and Regulations.

With over 25 years’ experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to plan and execute all of your crane needs! Please feel free to contact us 24/7 with any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to serving you in the future!

We Provide

  • Mobile Cranes - (50 to 90 tons)
  • Boom Trucks - (15 to 450 tons)
  • Certified Spreader Bars
  • Concrete and Gravel Buckets
  • Carry Decks - (18' to 22')
  • Man Baskets
  • HVAC Rooftop Dollies
  • Project Permits
  • Lift Planning


24/7 Emergency Service

We provide 24-hour Boom Truck and Crane Rental Services. Our highly trained, dedicated and experienced service staff is ready to assist with your equipment rental and project planing needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lift Planning

We'll help you plan for a safe, cost-effective lift. We understand the process and can recommend and provide you with engineering services if needed for detailed information and drawings for heavy lift applications. we will plan it for FREE and provide you with an estimate!

Safety is our Top Priority

Safety is our primary concern. BC Phillips Crane Rental is affiliated with the Crane Rental Association of Ontario. All of our crane operators undergo rigorous safety training for the safe operation of hoisting and rigging equipment.

Acquiring the Right Permits

If your lift requires a permit due to the location or municipality, we would be pleased to acquire the proper permit on your behalf or answer any questions you may have in regards to Airport Clearance from the GTA, Road Closures, Road Delineation or providing a Duty Officer on site.


We provide unmatched customer service throughout Ontario.  We offer a large rental fleet of cranes ranging up to 450 tons.

Our dedication to the customer will ensure that your jobsite and lifting needs work smoothly and efficiently to help you minimize costs and downtime.

  • Hydraulic Truck Crane
  • All Terrain Cranes
  • Boom Truck Cranes
  • Crawler Cranes
  • Rough Terrain Cranes
  • Knuckle Boom Truck Cranes
  • Mini Cranes
  • Conventional Truck Cranes
  • Crane Accessories
  • Cranes for Sale